Burger King Reportedly Bringing Back the Crispy Taco

Brace yourselves, Burger King fans — it looks like the chain's iconic crispy tacos have started reappearing at select locations. Though an official announcement has yet to surface from the home of the Whopper, eagle-eyed Burger King customers have taken to Twitter to share the news of the product returning.

The tasty value treats haven't been on the chain's for nearly a decade, exiting most locations at some point in 2010. At the time, they were one of the best values on the menu, with two available for $1.49. According to some fans that have taken advantage of the return, they're now selling two for $1.99.

Not unlike similar tacos from Jack in the Box, the seasoned meat is put into a taco shell and then deep-fried, creating the "crispy" exterior as teased in the name. Everything's then topped with American cheese, lettuce, and a special sauce. Needless to say, the return has been pretty divisive thus far, with BK fans seemingly either loving or hating the tacos.


Have crispy tacos popped back up at your local Burger King location? If so, let us know in the comments below!