Burger King Introduces Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

(Photo: Burger King)

Following on the coattails of McDonald's Blueberry McGriddles and Tim Hortons Waffle Sandwiches, Burger King is the latest fast food joint to get into the syrup-inspired Breakfast Sandwich game. As of this week, the Miami-based burger joint is rolling out a new line of the sandwiches nationwide. Using the traditional Burger King Egg Patty, each sandwich comes with your choice of three meats — Seasoned Sauage, Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon, or Black Forest Ham. Then everything is sandwiched between two Maple Syrup-dunked waffle-inspired buns — certainly not unlike a McGriddle.

Though few have taken to social media to actually review the sandwich itself, many have taken the opportunity to question the chain's choice of Egg Patty for its marketing images, with several people pointing out it looks like a sponge — or worse.

"Tell me why the egg looks like a sponge," @Shadyichor tweeted at the company.

The comments were similar on the same Instagram post. "Y'all really killed spongebob and put him in your breakfast sandwich?" @steak.sauce_ joked. @osualeh points out "the egg looks like bathroom tile."

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it's sweet, it's fun, it's got waffles for buns. try the new Maple Waffle Sandwich, now at burger king.

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The sandwiches are now available for a limited time at participating locations for $3.99 a la carte or $4.99 for a combo with hashbrowns and a coffee. It has yet to be unveiled just how long this "limited time offering" will last but the company has said the items should be available at most locations nationwide.

Have you grabbed one of the sandwiches yet? If you have, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.