C-3PO's Red Arm Featured in New Star Wars Duracell Commercial

(Photo: Lucasfilm / Duracell)

This new commercial for Duracell batteries titled, "Battle for Christmas Morning," is awesome for many reasons. There's the BB-8 Snowman, and the girl in the Rey costume using Jedi abilities including Force pushes and some deft lightsaber work (wait - what are they saying about Rey here? ;-) ) and even just the more general idea of kids getting lost in Star Wars play, complete with First Order stormtroopers and looming AT-AT walkers.

But the commercial also features the modern, Star Wars: The Force Awakens version of C-3PO, complete with the mystery red arm, in action on screen for the very first time.

The character is the other one that has been left out of the trailers for the seventh episodic film in the franchise. The footage even includes some dialogue as Threepio and his trusted companion R2-D2 advise a young Jedi in training.

"I must advise against this. The odds of survival are 608 to 1!"


Luckily, the kid ignores Threepio and goes to save his sister - who it turns out was just waiting for his cue to save herself!

It's a pretty great commercial overall, so watch it for the cool Threepio moment and first look, but keep watching for the awesome special effects and moments that follow.