Call Of Duty Reveals A New Enemy In Teaser Video

Call of Duty Tease
(Photo: Call of Duty)

The team behind Call of Duty is certainly keeping busy these days, as we expect an official announcement on the leaked Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare any day now.

That hasn't stopped them from releasing more information in the form of a teaser video, which, via Polygon, depicts what looks to be the new villainous organization for the upcoming title. In the video, we are introduced to an unnamed commander of some sort, who is part of the Settlement Defense Front.

While we don't know anything detailed about them, we do know they're antagonistic. Why? Well, when you use terms like "We will be the architects of your pain" and "We will build monuments to your destruction", assumptions are made.


A Nuk3town Offline message can be seen towards the beginning, matching up with a teaser found in Black Ops 3's Nuk3town map. You can view the whole video above, and hopefully we will get an official trailer for the new title soon.