Captain America: Civil War Huge Fight Scene Details Revealed

You can’t subtitle a movie “Civil War” without having several major battles in it, right?

As more rumors trickle in from Captain America: Civil War’s production, it seems that the threequel will certainly live up to its name--in style. The latest leak from site Heroic Hollywood suggests a particular moment on the battlefield that will leave Marvel Comics fans salivating, tag-team matchup literally decades in the making.

According to Heroic Hollywood’s sources, Captain America will finally re-team with Bucky Barnes—a.k.a The Winter Soldier—for a team-up against Iron Man. No other details on the specific skirmish were offered, but it does suggest a few things.

Firstly, the rumor indicates that Winter Soldier has fully regained his mental faculties, and remembers Steve Rogers as his longtime friend and ally. Secondly, this means that Winter Soldier will take an active role in the Civil War, forgoing the neutral stance he took in the original comics storyline. And finally, Iron Man must be packing some serious heat, like the rumored Bleeding Edge armor, for Captain America to require some personal assistance. He did take down an entire battle plane in Captain America: Winter Soldier, after all. But what could draw Winter Soldier back to Captain America's side? How did Tony Stark get so powerful? Sadly, those details likely won't come until the movie's release.


But what do you think of these rumors, readers? Do you want to see Cap and Bucky teaming together against Iron Man? Let us know in the comments.

Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6, 2016. And for the full rundown of Marvel’s movies, head to our Comic Book Movie Release Schedule.