Captain America: Civil War Reportedly Filming A Funeral Scene

Production on Captain America: Civil War began last Friday, and set photos and rumors have [...]


Production on Captain America: Civil War began last Friday, and set photos and rumors have already begun to spread from the Atlanta set.

The latest rumor, being reported by Heroic Headlines, suggests an unfortunate turn for someone involved in the film. The report suggests that a funeral scene will be shot on Tuesday, May 12. A casting call from Tammy Smith Casting for "Sputnik," the film's production title, confirms that the film is seeking "upscale men and women" in "dark" and "conservative" attire, befitting a funeral. The Tuesday forecast for Atlanta suggests it will be a cloudy, grey day. In other words, perfect funeral weather.

When talking of Civil War and funerals, fans familiar with the comics will likely first think of the funeral of Captain America. In the comics, Cap surrenders himself into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and is murdered on the court house steps before his trial. This eventually leads to Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, taking up the shield as the new Captain America in Steve Rogers' place.

There was another huge, sometimes forgotten casualty in Civil War. Bill Foster, a.k.a. Goliath, fought on Captain America's side of the war until Tony Stark's Thor clone/robot, later named Ragnarok, sent a lightning bolt through his chest.

Foster hasn't appeared in any of the Marvel movies to date, and isn't expected to, but there is another size-altering superhero in the mix. Ant-Man has been officially announced as appearing in Captain America: Civil War, and is rumored to gain the same ability to grow to immense size that Goliath had.

Marvel has set things up so that they could go either route, or both, with these characters. The seeds of The Death of Captain America storyline have all been planted, and Ant-Man has been situated as a suitable replacement for Goliath. Of course, in the comics, they did have to bury Bill Foster in his fully embiggened state, so if anyone notices the crew building a 15-foot long grave, then that may be a clue.

Captain America: Civil War is currently filming and will be released in theaters on May 6, 2016.