Captain America: The Winter Soldier 5 Minute Sneak Preview Detailed Description

Captain America: The Winter Solider Comic-Con Trailer

During 3D screenings of Thor: The Dark World, Marvel Studios is showing a special five minute sneak preview of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The sneak preview opens with Captain America (as played by Chris Evans) standing alone in a glass elevator. He is staring out the glass wall of the elevator with his back to the elevator doors.

Just before the elevator doors close, Brock Rumlow (aka Crossbones as played by Frank Grillo) catches the door and enters the elevator with two other men. After Rumlow enters the elevator, Rumlow and Captain America acknowledge each other by name. After the elevator doors close, Rumlow tells Captain America, “Response found some fibers on the roof they want us to see. Do you want me to get the tech team ready?” Captain America replies, “No, let’s wait and see what it is first.” Rumlow agrees, “Right.”

Captain America notices one of the men on the elevator has his hand on a weapon that is strapped to his leg. The elevator stops at another floor and five men in suits get on. Captain America looks suspiciously at one of the men. The elevator door opens again, and three more men get on. One of the men is a big, bald guy. Captain America is glancing around at the men who have now surrounded him on the elevator. It’s obvious that he suspects something is up.

After the elevator door shuts again, Captain America says, “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?” One of the men on the elevator pulls out a stun baton and turns around to attack Captain America. As he hits Captain America with the stun baton, all the other men rush in and grab Captain America in an attempt to restrain him. The big, bald guy has Captain American in a chokehold. Another man has fastened some type of magnetic cuff around Captain America’s right wrist and is attempting to push the magnetic cuff against a metal part of the elevator.

However, Captain America is able to pull his arm away, and he starts fighting back against the men in the elevator. One by one Captain America is taking out the other men in the elevator, but the magnetic cuff on his wrist winds up getting stuck against a metal side on the elevator. As Captain America struggles to get free, Rumlow hits Captain America repeatedly with a stun baton. Even with one arm trapped, Captain America continues to fight Rumlow and the other men with his one free arm.

Captain America finally manages to free his arm and the magnetic cuff from the wall, and he proceeds to take out the remaining men on the elevator. Finally, it’s just Rumlow and Captain America. Rumlow says, “I just want you to know, Cap. This isn’t personal.” Rumlow then lunges at Captain America with stun batons in each hand. Despite the fact that Rumlow shocks Captain America several times, Captain America is still able to fight him off. After knocking Rumlow out, Captain America says, “It kind of feels personal.” With all the men unconscious on the elevator floor, Captain America looks down at his shield, which is also on the ground. Captain America stomps down on the corner of his shield, flipping it up onto his arm.

The scene fades to black and then reopens with a city shot of Washington, D.C. Captain America’s voice can be heard saying, “I joined S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect people.” Captain America is sitting in an office with Agent Alexander Pierce (who is played by Robert Redford). Agent Pierce says, “Captain, to build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down, and that makes enemies.”

There is a brief flash of Steve Rogers (in street clothes rather than his Captain America costume) and Black Widow (as played by Scarlett Johansson) walking in a dark room. Then, there is a close-up of the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. A voiceover says, “Are you ready for the world to see you as you really are? See what’s out the window. You know how the game works. Disorder. War. All it takes is one step.” There is a montage of scenes showing Agent Nick Fury (as played by Samuel Jackson) entering a room, Black Widow turning, Captain America looking out the window, Agent Pierce and Agent Fury shaking hands, Captain America crashing through a glass window, a closeup of Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon played by Anthony Mackie), an operating room, Steve Rogers in street clothes, and various aircraft taking off.

Agent Nick Fury is standing beside Captain America. Agent Fury says, “We’re going to neutralize a lot of threats before they even happen.” The scene flashes to a helicarrier taking off. A Captain America voiceover says, “I thought the punishment usually came after the crime.” Nick Fury responds, “S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be.” Captain America says, “This isn’t freedom. This is fear.” Nick Fury says, “You need to keep both eyes open.”


The scene flashes to Captain America getting ready to jump out of the cargo door of a plane. Captain America is knocking someone over with his shield. Captain America is running and leaping into the air. There is a shot of a police barricade and then a car exploding and flipping over. There is an action sequence of Black Widow fighting someone, several explosions, and then Steve Rogers (in street clothes) standing in front of a gravestone. Sam Wilson is on the roof with a rifle. A bus flips over and someone crashes in through the front windshield. There are random shots of people standing, jumping, and shooting.

Sam Wilson is on a roof as a helicopter opens fire on him. Wilson falls off the building backwards with his guns blazing. There are more close-ups of Agent Pierce and various action sequences. Captain America is riding his bike toward a jet. A helicarrier is on fire and falling out of the sky, crashing into the ground. Captain America’s battered and burned shield is sticking out of the ground as someone’s legs can be seen approaching. A metal hand reaches down to grab the shield. The camera pans up to reveal the Winter Soldier.