Captain America: The Winter Soldier Directors on Stan Lee's Cameo, Credits Scene and More

Captain America The Winter Soldier Logo

Joe and Anthony Russo are good at this Internet thing.

In a new interview with Collider (via CBM), embedded below, the directors of Marvel's upcoming sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier discussed two aspects of the film that have almost no spoiler value, but which still manage to drive a ton of audience interest: the nature of Stan Lee's cameo in the film, and a tease about the always-expected post-credits sequence that Marvel has been whalloping fans with since the first time Iron Man was invited into The Avengers Initiative.

In the nearly 12-minute interview, the pair also discuss the opportunity they had to "almost reboot [Captain America] in a way in a new world, a new environment that had very little resemblance to the one he came from."

"That's probably the most fluid component of these movies, is the after-the-credits scene," said Joe Russo. "The movie doesn't get released for a year--a lot could change for a year or eight months from now. So we have ideas for what it could be but also once Joss [Whedon] turns in the Avengers 2 script there might be something we want to bump for Avengers 2 and that will become the after-the-credits sequence."

On the Lee cameo, they said they give it a lot of thought.


"As we [made the film] we always go thorugh and go, 'Alright, where are we going to put Stan in this? What makes the best sense for him? What's the most interesting use of him--his iconography?" Russo said. "I think we got a pretty cool cameo for him."

Check it out below.