Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Anthony Mackie Wants to Keep His Falcon Wings


After not having been allowed to keep the hat he wore in The Adjustment Bureau, Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Anthony Mackie claimed during an interview with Total Film that he stipulated in his contract that he could keep Falcon's wings when he's done filming the Marvel sequel.

"They said no!" Mackie said when asked whether he got to keep the hat. "[But] when I started [playing] the Falcon, I put in my contract that I get to keep my wings. Like, 'That's Falcon, bitch, on the wall, behind 'EMERGENCY: BREAK GLASS'!"

He also said that, like Henry Cavill repeatedly said about the Superman costume, his Falcon suit put him in an entirely different frame of mind.

"The funny thing about that was, every time I put on the costume I felt kind of invincible. So It was more trying not to get in trouble!" Mackie said. "I felt a little ridiculous at first because you're a thirty-something-year-old man dressing like a cartoon hero, but after a while you start buying into it."