Check Out This Justice League: Crisis Live-Action Fan Made Trailer


As much as we all want to see every live-action DC/Warner Brothers property in history merge together at some point, we all know it will probably never happen. We'll probably never see Grant Gustin's Flash or Stephen Amell's Green Arrow take down foes on the silver screen, nor will we see Christian Bale's Batman interact with Ben Affleck's...

We can dream, though, just like YouTube user UltraSagent. Thanks to his fantastic edit, we can imagine what a Justice League: Crisis film would be like if every DC film and TV series was unleashed on one another, and it sure seems like the Flash is in trouble!

Check it out.

The biggest problem I see here, is there is only one Brandon Routh on our Earth and yet he would have to play two heroes in such a film.

Would you like to see a Justice League: Crisis movie?