Check Out This New Star Wars Art Heading To Seattle's Ltd. Art Gallery

Starting this week, some amazing new Star Wars art will stun everyone’s eyeballs at the Ltd. Art Gallery’s fourth annual Star Wars art show.

Aptly titled Star Wars Episode 4: A New Art Show, the gallery will run from December 11th through January 30th, 2015 in the Seattle-based art space. Featuring original Star Wars art from several esteemed different creators, the gallery should impress could impress critics from the farthest of galaxies. On top art from comics icons like Alex Ross and Cliff Chiang, the show will also feature work from ACME Archives Limited. ACME is a art-based company that creates original artwork for various licensees, including Star Wars.

For those who can’t make the Seattle show (so, almost everyone), Ltd. is already selling some of their prints online. At the very least, ogle at some of the amazing art prints below.

"Enlist Today" by Cliff Chiang.

"Protocol Droid" by Steve Thomas.

"Redemption" by Brian Rood.

"Through the Fire" by Raymond Swanland.


"Machines of Dominion" by Raymond Swanland.

You can RSVP to the event on its Facebook page. Story via i09 and Laughing Squid.