Check Out This Week's Biggest Pokemon Stories in One Place

It was a huge week for Pokemon news this week and has you covered. Every week, our team of Pokemon experts sit down to recap all of the big Pokemon news in the "This Week in Pokemon" show.

This week, The Pokemon Company dropped a bombshell by announcing new "regional variants" in Pokemon Sun and Moon. While the upcoming Pokemon game will have many of your favorite Pokemon, some will have radically different forms due to the Alola Region's unique ecosystem. We also found out about Z-Moves, a new super attack that Pokemon can use once per battle.

Pokemon Go also had a big week, thanks to the controversial new update that removed the game's flawed tracker. After forcing bot programs and third party trackers to shut down, Niantic labs explained they needed the server capacity to release the game in South America and Southeast Asia. We also discovered a new trick to get more items out of PokeStops. Finally, it looks like we got our first real look at Articuno and Ditto, as both Pokemon somehow found their way into the hands of a few lucky players. Unfortunately, Niantic confiscated the Legendary Pokemon to keep things fair for other players.


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