Chris Evans Addresses Lopsided Captain America: Civil War Teams

, Cap's team managed to hold their own through mostly guerrilla tactics, something we'll [...]

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

On the surface, it sure looks like the match-ups of superhero versus superhero in theaters next year should be relatively quick and easy to call. Superman has strength, speed, and heat vision - he could potentially just pick off Batman from a distance that even he can't prepare for and boom, done.

Likewise, the teams in Captain America: Civil War are astoundingly lopsided on paper: You have two tech geniuses in Iron Man and Black Panther, another armored hero in War Machine, a super fast, strong, density-altering, flying, energy projecting, infinity stone possessing actual piece of technology with Vision, and a deadly assassin (also with a couple minor tech boosts), Black Widow all on Iron Man's team. On Cap's team, you have a super soldier, then a regular S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a soldier with a metal arm, and a guy with a bow and arrow and good aim.

Yeah, it looks like Cap's in trouble. While historically the balance of power hasn't been much different (Cap's team in the comics definitely had a couple more super-powered characters in the mix, but they were equally outmatched by characters like the clone Thor later named Ragnarok), Cap's team managed to hold their own through mostly guerrilla tactics, something we'll probably see in the film, as well. While Chris Evans, who plays Cap in the films, isn't talking much about it just yet, he did hint to MTV that the team shouldn't seem as out of their depth as they do.

"Do we?" (emphasis MTV's) "Well maybe you'll have to see the movie to find out," he told the site during press for his directorial debut Before We Go. The actor said his key team members are the ones he's already shared a bit of screen time with, including in the post-credits scene to Ant-Man.

"Mackie and Seb. I'll be in a foxhole with those two guys any day," Evans said, referring to Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon and Sebastian Stan who plays Winter Soldier.

So how could they possibly hold their own? Well, as Cap famously said, "You're just a guy in a suit;" take away Iron Man and War Machine's suits, find a way to neutralize Vision's powers, and suddenly it's a very different fight.

We'll all find out when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016. See when the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will come to the theater at our comic book movie release schedule.