Chris Pine Rumored to Play Dual Role in Wonder Woman Movie


We saw that set picture from Said Taghmaoui, and like everyone else, it seemed to confirm a couple of things: There are multiple eras being portrayed in Wonder Woman, and Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, will be resigned to the past in the film.

But a new rumor from Heroic Hollywood says everything may not be quite as it seems, and while Pine is playing a role in the past, he could also play a role in the present.

Borrowing from Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe's 1947 hit "I'm my own Grandpa," the rumor says that Steve Trevor will be in the present-day story, and that in the World War One part of the film (which is what they say those period costumes are representing), Chris Pine is playing Trevor's grandfather. So he's playing both roles there.

One note of caution on this rumor - besides Umberto Gonzalez's own notes of caution - the timeline seems a little off; a 35 year-old with a WWI veteran grandfather isn't impossible, but it would certainly be uncommon. Of course, so would a grandchild who looks identical to their ancestor, but that's been used a few times in media.


Wonder Woman hits theaters June 23, 2017.