Comic Book Artists: The Next Generation Reveals Life As A Comic Artist

While many understand the process of making comics, only a few comprehend the daily craft that goes into making four-colored adventures.

But now, fans can see how a script is brought to life with Comic Artists: The Next Generation, a web documentary chronicling the artistic routine of comics' biggest illustrators. The video zooms in on Toronto’s Raid Studios, home to prolific pencillers like Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Ramon Perez, and Kalman Andrasofsky. Through these talented artists, viewers not only gain a true sense of a comic book is constructed, but also how that process shapes the talent behind them.

There’s a real sense of camaraderie at Raid Studios, as the gang of illustrators banter with one another, share ideas, and push each other as friends and creative professionals.

“Raid are these guys who each have different talents, and they each have done different books in the industry, but they come together in this little hideaway in Toronto,” Stephen Christy, Boom! Studios’ President of Development, explains in the video. “And you’d never think that these personalities, all these different powers, with all these different talents could not only be in the same place, but really be a team.”


The film is also stuffed with a who’s who of comic industry icons, including Stan Lee, Jim Lee, and more. If you ever wanted a fly-on-the-wall perspective of how a story takes form in the modern comics industry, this is the video to watch.

The video was produced by Christy and his fellow Boom! partners FJ Desanto and Bradley Camp, and directed by Chris Kasick. It is avaible to watch for free through AT&T’s UVerse Buzz.