Comic Book Hot List for December 21, 2011

We're rapidly winding down the year, and what a year it's been, especially for comics!  I know you might think that comic writers and artists are winding some things down just to ramp up again in 2012, BUT there are still some great books coming in the next two weeks that you definitely don't want to miss!  Here's a rundown on this week's hot list!


1.  Avengers #20  H.A.M.M.E.R. continues to organize and another epic battle with Norman Osborne looms!

2. Uncanny X-Men #3  Mr. Sinister's meddling leads the X-Men into a collision course with gods, and its only issue number three.

3.  Wolverine & the X-Men #3  So Quenton Quire is the X-Men's only hope,

4.  Fantastic Four #601  Now that Johnny Storm is back, of course, how will this impact the FF?

5.  Captain America #5  The first arc of this new series ends, be there for the end of "American Dreamers".

6.  Amazing Spider-Man #676  It's the Sinister Six in the six hundred and seventy-sixth issue!

7.  Fear Itself: The Fearless #5  It's guest stars galore in this issue, as the race to recover the hammers continues


1.  Batman #4  The Court of Owls continues its assault on Batman and the Wayne family.  How do they all intersect?

2.Catwoman #4  Selina's on the run from a man named Bone and mourning a friend at the same time. Trouble?

3.  Wonder Woman #4  Diana turns her back on her home in wake of learning of her real birth.

4.  Justice League #4  Cyborg emerges as the team readies themselves for Apokolips.

5.  Nightwing #4  Batgirl comes to town, as the lives of Dick and Barbara intersect once again.

6.  Birds of Prey #4  Batgirl pulls double duty this week, as the Birds work to disrupt a bomb scare with only partial info.

7.  Supergirl #4  She's stranded and powerless.  What's a confused Kryptonian to do?

Image Comics

1.  Xenoholics #3 Men in White! The Grey Aliens! All that "colorful" story and a battle for the Xenoholics!

2. Savage Dragon #177 Bin Laden's back, and just in time for the holidays?  Read on!

3.  Near Death #4  Asian gangs with a kidnapped girl, and Markham takes them all on.

4.  The Activity #1  The U.S. Army has a new special team to deal with specialized threats to specialized threats!

Dark Horse

1.  Mass Effect: Invasion #3  Aria sets out to take back Omega and save her empire.  Simple right?

2.  Conan: Road of Kings #11  The conclusion is here!  Check out this ending.

3.  B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #4  Zombie looters abound here, and Kate gets to learn all about it!

4.  Dark Horse Presents #7  Hellboy is the focus of this issue, and just in time for Christmas!

Boom! Studios

1.  Planet of the Apes #9  A new arc begins here, as Skintown is in flames and tensions run high between ape and human.

2.  Hellraiser Masterpieces #4  Colleen Doran illustrates this issue, which brings hellish delight with a noted artist!

3.  Key of Z #3  New York City is now a zombie town, and this isn't your run of the mill zombie series!

Dynamite Entertainment

1.  Kevin Smith- The Bionic Man #5  Smith's new take on the classic character continues here!


2.  Green Hornet #20  Ah memories, thinking back to those no longer here, and of course the return of a classic villain.

3.  Dark Shadows #2  Silly Barnabas, of course another vamp is loose in Collinwood.