Comic Book Hot List for December 7, 2011

The shopping season is in high gear!  Now I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking about how will you ever be able to find time to squeeze in some comic book reading as you white knuckle it around town trying to find that certain precious item for that certain precious someone (at a small business, naturally : )    ).  Hey, maybe...just maybe...that certain item can be found in this week's comic book hot list!!  I know I don't mind comics under the tree!!   Away we go!!


1.  Batwing #4  This tale of murder on the African veldt heats up as Batwing tracks a killer from the country's past who seeks revenge.

2.  Swamp Thing #4  Scott Snyder's ensnaring web of a book continues, as The Green and The Other ratchet up their battle.

3.  Detective Comics #4  Dollmaker continues to bring a whole other level of crazy to the villains of the new DCU.

4.  Green Arrow #4  The emerald archer finds himself in trouble while in Tokyo, and in the sights of a murderous new villainess.

5.  Stormwatch #4  Roster changes, rampant destruction, and sleeping things awoken!  And it's only issue four!

6.  Justice League International #4  The divided and conquered JLI must regroup quickly to face an intergalactic threat.

7.  Action Comics #4  The Terminauts are here!  No, it's not a friendly Transfomer.  Try a possible threat to Metropolis.

8.  Hawk and Dove #4  The battle with Condor and Swan over, H & D must regroup and find help from Deadman

9.  Animal Man #4  The Other also make an appearance here, and The Red may be too far gone for help.


1.  Avenging Spider-Man #2  Journey to the center of New York continues with Red Hulk and Mole Man.

2.  Defenders #1  The return of a constantly underrated Marvel team returns, this time as a response to the end of Fear Itself.

3.  Villains for Hire #1  A new villain-centric book begins here, with Purple Man, Avalanche, Tiger Shark and Speed Demon appearing.

4.  X-Men #22  The X-Men continue their wading into international political waters as they face down Sentinels as weapons.

5.  X-Club #1  "We do science", blares the byline for this book.  Just like that, another X-book is born!

6.  Deadpool Max Xmas Special #1  Because really, isn't this what the season is all about?

7.  Hulk #45  Hulk of Arabia wraps up here, with Machine Man in there for good measure!

8.  Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5  Miles continues to adjust to his new role, and the life of Peter Parker still hangs present.

Image Comics 

1.  Chew #22  Tony likes his job as a parking enforcement officer!  Too bad things are about to get bloody.

2.  Hack/Slash #10  The jailbreak effects continue, as Cassie and Samhain hunt down dangerous ladies, and try not to break the sexual tension

3.  Hack/Slash Annual 2011  Need a little more Cassie in your life?  Check out this combo with Hatchet's Victor Crowley!

4.  Spawn #214  All sorts of new mysteries unfold in this second chapter of "The Gathering Storm" arc.

5.  Moriarity #7  Moriarity is in Jamaica, and it's definitely not for fun!  Part three of "The Lazarus Tree" is here.

Boom! Studios

1.  Valen the Outcast #1  A fallen king is resurrected and now hated by his people.  And hey, it's only a buck!!

2.  Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes #2  If you liked the films, check out this in continuity series, and see Dr. Zaius!

3.  Elric: The Balance Lost #6  Those biggies, Law and Chaos, square directly in the path of our heroes, with the multiverse at stake!

4.  The Rinse #4  The first arc of this gritty series set in this tale of casinos, dirty deals and Vegas!

Dynamite Entertainment

1.  Voltron #1  Really?  do I need to say anything else?

2.  The Boys #61  Super group conflicts, as well as family drama, abound in this issue, part two of the newest arc

3.  Vampirella Annual #4  Just in time for Christmas, a tale of a sexy vamp!


4.  Total Recall #4  The final issue of this mini-series is here.  Get ready for a surprise!

Alright kiddos, get out there and read some comics!!!