Comic Book Hot List for November 2, 2011

Post-Halloween bloat?  Eat too many leftover candies?  Need an excuse to avoid the already out Christmas decorations and sales?  Then march on down to your local comic book store and pick up this week's hot books!  There's lots to choose from.


1.  Detective Comics #3  Things are heating up between Batman and Gotham's latest villain, Dollmaker!

2.  Batwing #3  The newest member of the Bat family attempts to reign in a murderer who's tracking down former heroes.

3.  Hawk & Dove #3  Ding, Ding!  It's Hawk and Dove vs. Condor and Swan!  Tag team smackdown or aviary?

4.  Stormwatch #3  This international super team continues to build and recruit!

5.  Swamp Thing #3  The decay is spreading, and a woman unknown to Alec Holland is the one to the rescue!

6.  Justice League International #3  The team's already been beaten, had fights and faced public scrutiny, and it's JUST issue three??

7.  Action Comics #3  So just why is everyone hating on Superman?  Guess you'll have to read to find out.


1.  Uncanny X-Men #1  Yep, it's back.  Cyclops leads a new team here, and a newly resurrected Mister Sinister certainly has a plan.

2.  X-Men #20  Jubilee! Psylocke! Storm and more, as another new incarnation of the X-Men rises

3.  Avengers Academy #21  The team has seen some pretty strong departures, but a new wave of recruits seek to join the ranks!

4.  Fear Itself: The Fearless #2  The hunt for the hammers is on, as Sin, Valkyrie and Crossbones all are on the hunt for them.

5.  Amazing Spider-Man #673  Spider Island is over!  Now, who's going to clean up all these webs??

6.  Moon Knight #7  Hey, Moon Knight's in L.A. and alone!  The Avengers are off to check up on him.


1.  Giant-Size Elephantmen #1  Collects three issues of Elephantman stories!  Grab 'em if you missed 'em!

2.  Hack/Slash #9  There's some bad, bad women on the loose in this first issue of a brand new arc.

3.  Savage Dragon #175  48-page anniversary spectacular here, and a sweet cover!

4.  Spawn #213  It's a new story here, as a new Hellspawn sorts his life out here.

5.  Blood Red Dragon #1  Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, limited print run!  You better get there fast for this one!

Dark Horse

1.  The Goon #36  If you want robots, a burlesque, zombie gangs and of course, Goon, then grab this one!

2.  Fear Agent #32  The end of "Out of Step", part five is here!


1.  Elric: The Balance Lost #5  A new arc starts here, as law and chaos continue their battle, with a host of interested parties!


2.  7 Warriors #1  Sixth century Libya is the stage for this tale of women chosen for battle in a distant time.  Cool!

3.  Peanuts #0  Charlie Brown AND it's only a buck?  Why, yes please!