Comic Book on Malaria Looks to Educate and Protect Children

Comic books have been used for many things over the years: propaganda, encouraging drug-free lifestyles, aiding hunger relief in other countries. Now, a new comic book is being distributed to children living in Shillong, India; the town, located in the northeastern part of the Asian country, is hoping to educate children on the disease Malaria. Chillibreeze Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company based on design and content services, is behind the project, pulling from their own talent pool to produce A Tale of Two Magic Potions, a story that will be used in schools to educate students about Malaria, a disease that affects many around India. The company hopes to entertain and educate at the same time, and the comic has already been distributed to three schools in the Shillong area, where Chillibreeze is located. In an effort to gauge just how effective the awareness campaign is, Chillibreeze gave before and after reading quizzes to the children to gauge just how much they have learned about the disease, offering prizes as an incentive for performance. Hopefully the effort will pay off in reaching out to the communities suffering from Malaria through their children.