Comic Book Previews for February 24th, 2010

Wait. Stop moving. What's that sound? It sounds like the dropping and thudding of several large, major issues of comic books this week! Speaking of hammers, Marvel kicks things off with a major Siege tie-in this week in the pages of Thor #607. While all the fighting is going on in Asgard, what's going on in the town of Broxton, Oklahoma, the town just below Asgard? Good questions, as several unexpected baddies and do-gooders arise in this issue! Another hot issue dealing with Siege this week is Thunderbolts #141, which sees Norman Osborn's special team of black ops, the Thunderbolts, called to action in Asgard, only to find the Mighty Avengers smack in their way. It's a battle you've been waiting for when these two teams slug it out here! Need more powerful villains? Look no further than the pages of X-Men Legacy #233, as a major villain from the past, Proteus, returns as part of the Necrosha story line! Still want more? Then Fall of the Hulks #2 and X-Factor #202 have you covered! Jeff Parker brings you another great Hulk story with this second issue, and X-Factor must face off with none other than Dr. Doom himself! Avengers: The Initiative #33 sees the ranks of the Dark Avengers swell, as Taskmaster, Diamondback and Constrictor join, just in time for a face-off with Thor! Oops! It's curtains for a heroine this week, as Ms. Marvel #50 marks the end of the line for this Avenger's solo series. What will be the fate of Carol Danvers??

Do. Not. Miss. This! Blackest Night #7 drops this week, and it's the next to last chapter of DC's EPIC story of the Black Lanterns and their war on life as we know it! How will the newest guardians step up to the challenge? Only one way to find out! The Flash family undergoes more changes, as The Flash: Rebirth #6 wraps up the latest series to try to define the Flash's role in the DCU. It's a slugfest in Wonder Woman #41, as Power Girl takes on the Amazon. What? Why? Big information gets revealed in this week's Justice Society of America #36, helping us to know who really was behind the massive attack on the Brownstone. Find out what The Riddler's up to in Gotham City Sirens #9, and just what WILL happen with Batman, Robin, Batwoman, Knight AND Squire over in Batman and Robin #9? With all the Bat-books incorporating more and more characters into their titles, you can't miss this mix of personalities as the Religion of Crime continues its effort to bring back true evil to the world!


Image Comics gets things rolling this week with quite a landmark issue for one of its flagship series. The Walking Dead #70 sees the band of survivors settling into life in a "town"! The big question: will it last? This issue also has a preview of the Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross mini Turf. Image continues to expand its world of the noir with the premier of Choker #1, a hard-boiled tale of cops, detectives and Alien Hand Syndrome??? Need your Image United fix? Check out Image United #0! Need more strange in your life? Pick up the unique Cowboy Ninja Viking #4! Usagi Yojimbo #126 leads things off for Dark Horse this week, as the rabbit ronin takes on a creature from Japanese myth. Also look for Star Wars: Legacy #45 , party three of the Monster story arc! Top Cow kicks off one of its biggest titles of the year with Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #1 , the search for the 13 mystic artifacts of the Top Cow universe begins here! Be there for THE event from Top Cow this year, as a globe-trotting adventure awaits! Dynamite Entertainment gives us a mix of sci-fi and superheroes this week with Robocop #2 and Black Terror #8 leading the way, with a Buck Rogers #9 and Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #7 thrown in for good measure! Kids are king overall at Boom Studios this week, as several of their major ongoing series aimed at audiences of all ages are released. Muppet King Arthur #2, The Incredibles #6 and Toy Story #2 lead things off, with 28 Days Later #7 the biggie for those with more mature tastes! You know the drill! Get down to your local comic book shop and get to reading!