Comic Book Previews for February 3, 2010


Well fair comic book readers, the start of another month also brings a major conclusion to a recent comic book event! Superman: World of New Krypton #12 marks the end of this interesting new DC story, which focuses on Superman's departure from Earth to live amongst his people on New Krypton. This final issue will show us what happens to this world that seems on the verge of destruction, and how does all this feed into the upcoming "War of the Supermen" story, which will tie-in all the "super" books? Be here as one major event ends and another soon begins! Also, would it be a week in the DC universe without Blackest Night? Of course not! That's why this week sees the release of two major tie-ins to the company event. Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 brings this mini to a close and over in The Question #37, another special one-off return issue of past DC titles, it's new Question vs. Black Lantern Question! And what does Lady Shiva have to do with all this? Be there as Renee Montoya has to confront her former partner and mentor, with a deadly Batman villain thrown in for good measure! Speaking of conclusions, Red Tornado #6 concludes that character's limited series run, and it's up to Reddy to stop the forces of Red Volcano and the other elemental androids! Batman Confidential #41 continues writer and artist Sam Keith's "Ghost" storyline! In the pages of Jonah Hex #52, Jonah finds himself on the run, but are his motives for his crime justified? It's a whale of a book this week in the pages of Justice Society of America Annual #1, both literally and figuratively! Fifty-six pages of story focus on Magog and his possible role in a prison break/cover-up. Is it intentional, or is something else going on? This one is sure to keep you glued to your seat!! Siege #2 kicks off the week for Marvel, and this one's a doozy! The first major victim of the battle is promised in this issue, as an Avenger will fall. But who? Mighty, Dark, or New?? Can we wait til Wednesday to find out!!! We have no choice! Be there as Norman Osborn's conquest of Asgard continues! Picking up that issue? Then be sure to throw Siege: Embedded #2 on the stack as well! Can reporter Ben Urich get the inside scoop on Osborn's REAL personality and expose him? Ultimate Comics X #1 kicks off a new chapter in the Ultimate Comics universe, and starts us on a brand new direction for the survivors of Ultimatum! Writer Scott Reed takes us into another dimension of the Hulk universe with this week's Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #1, with a journey to the microverse on course! Ghost takes a break from his Thunderbolts duty to wreak havoc in Invincible Iron Man #23 as he takes on a familiar adversary in Tony Stark! Cable #23 will bring us one step closer to the events of "Second Coming", as Cable and Hope fight their way back into present day time, with Bishop close on their heels! God Complex #3 leads things off in our look at Image Comics this week, as Mike Oeming and Daniel Berman's tale of a god among mortals continues with none other than Hercules making an appearance in this issue! Will Paul hold his own against this super-powered legend? "Dragon War" continues in the pages of Savage Dragon #157, and watch for Fall Out Boy singer Pete Wentz's Fall Out Toyworks #3 to hit shelves this Wednesday as well! Oh man, are things heating up this week at Dark Horse! Buffy the Vampire Slayer #32 reveals Twilight's true identity, as Season Eight begins to reach its climax! BE THERE for this major reveal! Devil #1 will launch this week, as a new vampire-centric story gets a sci-fi upgrade in the pages of this Torajiro Kishi written and illustrated story! It's a new take on a classic genre, and you don't want to miss this premiere issue. Top Cow brings us Berserker #4, as the adventures of Aaron and Ferris continue in this powered-up story! Boom is getting into the Valentine's Day spirt early with the release of Walt Disney's Valentine's Classics hardcover. Dozens of pages of love, romance and magic await you in these stories featuring beloved Disney characters. For those choosing to skip the love for now, Kill Audio #5 might work! How about Dingo #3 or 28 Days Later #6? Dynamite brings us The Boys #39 along with two big Zorro books! Zorro #19 along with Zorro: Matanzas #1, the latter giving us a classic Zorro tale, courtesy of Dynamite! That's all for now! Get to reading!!