Comic Book Previews for January 13th, 2010!


Another week, another set of new comic books for us all to drool over (ok maybe not over but around perhaps?). We kick things off this week with Marvel, which continues to put Peter Parker through more villainy and mayhem with none other than The Rhino, one of the most hard-headed bad guys he's ever faced! Be there for the pulse-pounding action of Amazing Spider-Man #617 as "The Gauntlet" continues to put Spidey through his paces! On the Marvel West Coast, we find a perhaps bittersweet homecoming in the pages of Nation X #2, as the mall rat former X-Man herself Jubilee returns! Also, see No-Girl try to save the team in this second of four part mini-series! In the pages of The Marvels Project #5, see newly-minted CAptain America, Steve Rogers, in his first big adventure after the Super Soldier project has been completed! Oh, and what's Namor up to as well? Read on! Remember Tony Stark? The man many have shunned since Secret Invasion? Well, he's still here, just read the pages of Invincible Iron Man #22 to see if he can continue to dig his way out of his own subconscious. How deeper can Doctor Doom continue to twist the knife into the back of Wakanda? Black Panther #12 will provide some more answers, as the prelude to "Doomwar" continues! Not to be outdone, Dark X-Men #3 sees a showdown when Nate Grey, X-Man, goes up against not only Norman Osborn, but the Dark Avengers AND Dark X-Men as well! Who's going to get the most bruises in this one?? DC offers us a couple of bat-tastic titles this week, specifically the ongoing frenzy of activity that seems to be happening in the pages of Batman! Batman #695 shows us Batman teaming up with the most unlikely of allies, the Penguin! Black Mask has stopped at nothing so far to bring Gotham down, so how will this alliance fare? Batgirl #6 sees Stephanie Brown, the current wearer of the cowl, teaming up with Damian Wayne, the current Robin! How will these two opposites work in saving civilians in Devil's Square? Secret Six #17 continues last week's Suicide Squad #67, with Deadshot back in Amanda Waller's clutches! Booster's lost in time in this week's Booster Gold #28, and in other time warp news, this week sees the return of Catwoman, The Phantom Stranger and The Power of SHAZAM! for a series of Blackest Night tie-ins! Superboy bids us good-bye, temporarily, in Adventure Comics #6. How will he briefly exit!? Dark Horse brings plenty of slaying, slashing, clawing and more with the release of a couple of big books this week! Things kick off with Buffy the Vampire Slayer # 31, which sees Buffy's battle with Twilight's forces high in the mountains, and without powered-up slayers no less, escalate to deadly proportions! How will Sunnydale's finest climb out of this one? Need more slayage? Check out Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War #1, as another chapter in the saga of hunt or be hunted continues, as Earth once again finds itself in the crosshairs! Image Comics has a light week for us this week, as they bring us the second trade paperback of Elephantmen. Elephantman: Fatal Diseases collects issues eight through fifteen of the quirky series, as well as the pilot issue and tons more extras! Top Cow brings us a fresh crop this week, with Witchblade #134 leading the charge with the kick-off of a new story arc, with Aphrodite IV setting her sights on Sara! Oh, and don't miss Pilot Season: Demonic while you're at it!! Devil's Due brings the second issue of Jericho this week, continuing where the short-lived TV series left off! It's also a Dynamite week, as that company brings us Galactica 1980 #4 along with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #7. Boom! continues its look back at the origin of one of 1980's cinema's greatest heroes with Die Hard: Year One #4, along with the continuation of a fresh and bold new series with The Anchor #4. For those of the younger generation, consider Cars #00! Well, I'm beat! Time to go rest up with some comics! See you at the comic store!