Comic Book Previews for March 24th, 2010

Here we are, faithful readers, another edition of comic book previews, and this week we are reminded, ever so gently, that while this month may be awash in green, luck, springtime loveliness and mirth, THERE’S BLACK LANTERNS WHO WANT TO RIP OUT OUR HEARTS AND HAVE NEKRON TAKE US OUT!!! At least, that’s the impression we get in this week’s Green Lantern #52, as the Blackest Night event begins to wind down, and this is one of THE issues off of the main Blackest Night limited series you can’t afford to miss! As one story begins to wind down, another is just beginning, this time with the focus being on Roy Harper, Red Arrow. After the brutal attack against him in Justice League: Cry for Justice, Roy must now begin life anew. It all begins in this week’s Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1, the first of a four-issue mini-series!

Over in the pages of Batman: Streets of Gotham #10, Batman, Robin and Abuse find themselves matching wits with the sinister Mr. Zsasz! Need more titanic figures in this week’s stack o’ books? Then flip to Superman #698 and keep up with part three of the “Brainiac and the Legion of Superheroes” story! Superman and Mon-El will need all their skills to stop the destruction of New Krypton in this week’s issue, leading up to the MEGASuperman #700. Justice Society of America #37 sees the fate of Obsidian revealed and the villainous “Darkness Engine” in full swing. Terra enters the scene in the pages of Power Girl #10 and be sure to check out Superman/Batman #70 for more thrills and four-color spills!

Marvel gets in on the fun as well, with some pretty big issues of their own, and no not the kind of issues that make you run to the therapist’s couch! Millar & McNiven’s Nemesis #1launches this week, and it’s poised to take a unique look at the superhero world! Nemesis is determined to bring down the police in Washington, D.C., and after the chaos the villain has wreaked across Asia, he might just do it! Be here for the dramatic debut of another Millar and McNiven creation! Also, be there for the launch of a new Spider-Man title when Peter Parker #1 lands in stores. That’s not all the Spidey action this week! Amazing Spider-Man #626 brings The Scorpion into the gauntlet, and SHE’S ready to rumble! Yep, that’s right! SHE! Captain America #604 continues the controversial Two Americas story arc, and if it’s more Siege you want, you got it! New Avengers #63 and Mighty Avengers #35 both give you all you can stand and you definitely want to be there to pick up The Marvels Project #7, as Captain America meets Bucky for the first time! And oh yeah, KITTY PRYDE, Uncanny X-Men #522, be there!!!

Haunt #6 arrives in stores this week from Image Comics, and this special, stand-alone issue gives insight into several aspects of the story so far, notably the birth of Haunt as seen through the eyes of Mirage! It’s a great week for new readers of the series, as the first volume ofHaunt is presented in convenient trade paperback form, so you’ve got no excuse to not catch up! Also from Image is King City #6, and another number one! This week, the dead are out to do the killing in new seriesShuddertown, which focuses on a homicide cops journey into the housing projects to solve this bizarre mystery. Dark Horse brings us one major issue this week, but’s is a good’un! The Guild, based on the internet sensation, comes to comics! The adventures of a group of online gamers, both off and on the game, are chronicled here in hilarious stories from creator Felicia Day! Top Cow is bringing you great quantity for little price with this week’s The Darkness Origins Volume 1! Part of Top Cow’s exciting new “Origins” trade paperback line, this will introduce, and reintroduce, readers to one of Top Cow’s flagship characters!

No Green Hornet comics this week, but that doesn’t mean Dynamite doesn’t have great comics coming out! Check out Black Terror #9, and certainly don’t pass up Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #1. The popular fantasy writer gets a terrific comic book treatment here! Rush out and get these books! They’re only going to get hotter from here!!!