Comic Book Previews for November 11th, 2009

First off, thank you to all the veterans out there. We appreciate your service and dedication to [...]

First off, thank you to all the veterans out there. We appreciate your service and dedication to our country over all the years, and honor you on Veterans' Day! YOU are the heroes! On now to some heroes of the fictional sort, and this week our first line of attention goes to Marvel, and their unveiling of a new series focusing on some not very nice people. Dark X-Men #1 brings Mystique, Dark Beast, Mimic and Weapon Omega back as Norman Osborn's own team of X-Men, his face of mutantkind! Also look for X-Man, Nate Grey, to make an appearance in this first issue! Also new this week is Strange #1, the story of life for Stephen Strange now that he has lost the mantle of The Sorcerer Supreme! Black Panther #10 continues the adventures of new Black Panther, Shuri, as she tracks down those responsible for the attack on her brother. A familiar face returns in the pages of X-Men Forever # 11, none other than Colossus! In other X-news, the Necrosha storyline continues in the pages of X-Force #21 this week, as the Black Queen continues her assault on the land of the living. Witness the return of classic X-Men villain in this issue, The Vanisher! Speaking of back from the dead, Bushman comes back for revenge against nemesis Moon Knight in The Vengeance of Moon Knight #3. Need some lighter fare? The all-ages friendly Marvel Super-Hero Squad #3 kicks off a new story this week!

Over in the pages of DC this week, new Batgirl Stephanie Brown takes flight in Batgirl #4, with a new storyline and new challenges awaiting her! The JSA concludes a suspense-filled story with JSA vs. Kobra #6. What will be the final battle between one of Earth's mightiest teams and one of its most vile? Action Comics #883 Nightwing and Flamebird make their presence as heroes known, but how will that go over in a world that now hates Kryptonians? What would be a week without Blackest Night? In Booster Gold #26, Booster must face a difficult challenge as his deceased best friend, Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, returns as a Black Lantern! It's quite the tangled web this week in Green Arrow and Black Canary #26, as Cupid, Green Arrow and Black Canary are involved in quite a tempestuous triangle! Readers of all ages will be sure to pick up Scooby-Doo #150 this week, marking a milestone issue for one of comics most beloved characters.!

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #8 comes to us, courtesy of Dark Horse. In this issue, Hellboy confronts the true nature of his heritage, and what will this mean? Read to find out! Dark Horse also brings the Star Wars one-shot Star Wars: Purge-Seconds to Die, a story focusing on the Jedi Purge and with, guess who, Darth Vader coming into contact with the brave Jedi Sha Koon! Citizen Rex #5 brings the most recent issue of one of comics most unique series back to store shelves! Over at Image Comics, artist Marian Churchland's first solo work Beast premiers! Also from Image this week is a pivotal issue of The Walking Dead with issue sixty-seven leading up to major events for the band of survivors from here on out!

Dynamite Entertainment has some big issues in store for readers this week, chiefly with the release of The Black Terror #5, one of the major breakouts of the Project Superpowers stories! Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #2 also blows into stores, along with Dynamite's The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly #5. Boom! Studios' recent new series The Anchor returns with issue two, and fans should be sure to pick up the trade paperback of Fall of Cthulu: Nemesis! Two great series in one week! Boom also has plenty of kid-approved titles in store this week, not the least of which is The Incredibles #2. There's also Wall-E #00 and The Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson #4, so options are not limited! Be sure to thank a veteran this week! And don't forget to support your comic book shops as they strive to bring you paper goodness each and every week! See you in seven days for more previews!!