Comic Book Professionals Remember Joe Kubert

When news of comic book legend Joe Kubert's death hit on Twitter, it didn't take long before there were thousands of reactions from all over the Internet.

With Kubert not only shaping the face of modern comics with his Golden and Silver Age work but also still working to this day (his final published work will likely appear in the pages of Before Watchmen: Nite Owl or his solicited Joe Kubert Presents miniseries), and so everyone had stories and thoughts to share.

Here are some of them. We'll be updating throughout the night.

"Reliable source confirms that Joe Kubert had been in hospital and has passed away. So sorry to hear this. A great artist and a great man." -Dave Gibbons

"So sorry to hear the news about #JoeKubert. My condolences to the whole Kubert family... especially my friend (and kick-ass editor) Katie." -Duane Swierczynski

"RIP Joe Kubert, comics legend." -Kieron Gillen

"So sorry to hear of Joe Kubert's passing. Wonderful man, great talent, fantastic legacy." -Terry Moore

"So sorry to hear about the great Joe Kubert passing. Leaves such a tremendous legacy though. Love and thoughts with his family." -Scott Snyder

"#JoeKubert Very sad to hear of his passing. Can his influence even be measured with existing technology?" -J.T. Krul

"Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Kubert has left the drawing board! #RIPJoeKubert" -Colleen Doran

"I have many artists I love, I have one artist that's my favorite. Rest in peace to Joe Kubert, maker of heroes." -Gail Simone

"Joe Kubert passed away. What a tremendous talent. Unbelievably good and incredibly influential. He had a huge impact. A true giant. Damn." -Erik Larsen

"I can't begin to understand that Joe is gone. I can't fathom comics without Joe serving as our guiding light, the elder statesman we all tried to live up to. His writing credits alone would make him one of the all-time greats. His art, by itself, makes him one of the immortals. The influence of the school he founded is immense. And he was a good and honorable man. Nobody in this business has ever cast as long a shadow as Joe Kubert did. And nobody ever will." -Ron Marz

"Joe Kubert did more than create amazing comics. He showed the world that this was a craft as well as an art form. He created a school that launched careers and two sons that continue his legacy of creative excellence. "Sgt.Rock" was one of the first series I collected, because of his art. That stuff made me love war comics. Joe is one of the biggest influences on my storytelling and page layouts, even to this day. Always gave a smile and a warm handshake. I'm so glad he lived. I'm so sad he's gone. " -Darick Robertson

"Joe Kubert is unsurpassed both as a talent and as a gentleman. The breadth of his legacy is wide, vast and beyond the reach of the rest of us." -Dan Jurgens

"Joe Kubert's work on strips like HAWKMAN and SGT. ROCK imprinted on my soul at an early age.  He was a giant of our industry, a singular talent up there on the mountaintop with masters like Gil Kane, Will Eisner and Jack Kirby.  Kubert's art was dynamic, powerful and, most of all, rich with humanity.  He was that rare artist who kept getting better with time and age. My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Kubert's family and friends." -J.M. DeMatteis

"When I was a kid, it was Joe's work on Tarzan and Sgt. Rock that made me first understand storytelling and style. It's cliche to say that he made it look easy, but that's just what he did. When you looked at one of Joe's stories, you knew that you were in the hands of a Master. Later I got my hands on a set of the old Hawkman (and then Atom/Hawkman) series and saw him having fun as well. Thank you, Joe, for all the hours of thrills and adventure. And my condolences to Adam and Andy and the rest of the Kubert Family." -Todd Dezago

"I was never lucky enough to meet Mr. Kubert, but of course his work has been a constant presence in my life for as long as I can remember. I think that when marking the passing of someone who has accomplished so much over such a long life, that we shouldn't mourn their deaths, but rather celebrate their lives. Kubert produced an incomparable body of work that spanned entire eras of comic book history, from the 'Golden Age' right up to whatever we end up calling the present era, and we should honor his memory by trying to live up to his example." -Chris Roberson

"Joe Kubert always seemed eternal. But 86 doesn't look that far off to almost-52. Time to make sure "someday" projects start getting done...If Joe Kubert had peaked with Hawkman in '61, he'd have had a memorable and accomplished career. If he'd peaked with Enemy Ace, in '65, too. But Joe Kubert was one of those artist who just kept getting better. His TEX: THE LONESOME RIDER, from 2005, is brilliant, gorgeous stuff." -Kurt Busiek

"So sad to hear about the passing of Joe Kubert. Some of the first comics I ever read were my cousin's collection of SGT. ROCK and ENEMY ACE. And so many professionals whom I'm friends with and work with are graduates of The Kubert School. Joe Kubert will always be one of the giants in our industry, in equal parts for the rich body of work he's left us, and for all the working men and women he's taught and inspired. My deepest condolences to all of his friends and family." -Dan Slott

"Totally just punched in the gut. RIP Joe Kubert. I'll work humbly under one of your OUR ARMY AT WAR originals at my Pixar desk." -Scott Morse

"Very sad to hear about Joe Kubert today. Also sad to recall the untimely deaths on this date of Mark Gruenwald and Mike Wieringo." -Alejandro Arbona

"Can we just please pass a law to ban August 12th? My condolences to the Kubert family." -Matt Wieringo

"Thanks, Joe, for lessons that keep on giving 20 years into my career, and for some of the best friends and memories I have." -Mike Cavallaro

"I loved Joe Kubert as a kid, and dammit, he was still doing vital work. We should all follow his example." -Cully Hamner

"I admire the fact that Joe Kubert never stopped improving. At an age when most cartoonists stagnate, he was asking me about computer art." -Kyle Baker

"Joe Kubert was a friend, a teacher, an influence and a giant. My condolences to the family." -Mark Waid

"RIP Joe Kubert. His influence is undeniable. He literally taught generations to make great comics." -Mike Norton

"I'm deeply saddened to hear of Joe Kubert's passing. He was my favorite cartoonist and a huge inspiration for me. Rest in peace, Joe." -Jeff Lemire

"We are completely heartbroken. He was better than all of us. Thank you Joe Kubert." -Stuart Immonen

"Joe, ... we all will be thinking of you, and missing you forever." -Jimmy Palmiotti

"Sad day for comics. Rest in Peace to a true Master, Joe Kubert." -Tony Daniel

"RIP Joe Kubert. So sad. He never lost a step. I thought we'd have him forever." -Steve Niles


"So sad to hear of the passing of Joe Kubert. His legend will live on for generations of young artist to learn from. Well done, Mr. Kubert." -Mark Brooks

"Comics has lost another of its GREATS: So long, Joe Kubert, thank you so much for everything you gave us. We will be forever in your debt" -Francesco Francavilla