Comic-Con 2016 Pre-Registration Starts November 14


Pre-registration for next summer's Comic-Con International: San Diego begins today at noon ET/9 a.m. PT.

Comic-Con's official blog announced that starting at 8 a.m. Pacific, all eligible members may authorize their registration codes to enter the EPIC Registration waiting room. Badges will go on sale shortly after 9 a.m.

Comic-Con will also introduce RFID badges, allowing them to more closely monitor users and prevent counterfeit badges. This is a technology New York Comic Con has already embraced. With RFID and less worries over counterfeiting, Comic-Con will now be shipping badges to fans ahead of time, significantly decreasing the number of people who will be waiting in line onsite to get their tickets.

The blog does indicate that in the case of a misdelivered or undelievered badge, you'll be able to get a replacement onsite...which, anecdotally, fans have had problems with at New York Comic Con.

International buyers and those seeking free "Child" badges still have to pick those badges up onsite.


The RFID change also suggests that the days of your Comic Con International ticket being basically a paper badge with a barcode might be over, since it would be difficult to embed an RFID in cardstock. Whether they will design their own badge or, like New York, bring on a sponsor who will help offset the cost of the new technology isn't clear.

RFID does have its detractors; besides privacy concerns, there are those who have objected to frequent stops at checkpoints to be "swiped" in and out of events, and at the end of the day at New York Comic Con there's always a bit of grumbling about having to wait in line to leave. Those are all minority views, though.