Comic Shops to Give out Free Comics Books During Halloween ComicFest

Superheroes are a popular subject when it comes to costumes for Halloween, with this year's Halloween ComicFest will ensure our favorite characters will continue to dominate the annual tradition. At participating comic book stores on Saturday, October 27th, fans will receive free comics and can participate in Halloween-themed activities, which includes a costume contest that will offer up to a $500 shopping spree.

Per press release, "34 free comics, including 22 full-size and 12 mini-comics can be picked up. This year’s titles include Marvel Comics’ Ms. Marvel #1, Superior Spider-Man #1, and Thor: Road to War of the Realms #1; DC Comics’ John Constantine: The Hellblazer; and Hellboy, Jughead: The Hunger, and Rise of the TMNT, among other spooktacular titles for comic readers of all ages.

"Halloween ComicFest also features 'The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!', running now through November 8th. Fans can enter one of five categories – Superhero/Comics, Video Games, TV/Movie, Horror, or Original – just by uploading a picture of themselves in costume and submitting it into the appropriate category on the contest site. Everyone who enters will be eligible for the category Vote Winners prizes of a $100 Shopping Spree to their local comic shop. The adult and child entries who earn the most votes in their respective categories will win. Voting takes place from November 1st through November 8th."

Scoring the most votes isn't the only way to win, as anyone uploading photos who includes one of the 34 titles from the event in the image will be randomly selected to win prizes.

“We want communities to participate in Halloween ComicFest not only to discover various types of comics from the great selection offered, but to see comic shops as premiere destinations for Halloween fun, a great place to meet like-minded people, and an opportunity to discover the new, cool comic and pop-culture items available each week and all year long,” Halloween ComicFest spokesperson Ashton Greenwood shared in a statement. “This year is the perfect time to visit your local comic book shop and celebrate Halloween ComicFest!”

To get all of the details on the celebration, including details about giveaways and prizes, you can head to

While candy might be the handout of choice for most trick-or-treaters, earning free issues of popular comic book titles is the next best thing, and it sure beats toothbrushes.


Will you be checking out Halloween ComicFest at your local comic book store? Let us know in the comments below!

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