's Multiversal March Madness


It's time to obssess over a new bracket. No, not a re-do for the NCAA's College Basketball March Madness, but for's Multiversal March Madness.  With tournament fever and The Big Two's multiverse-spanning crossovers on the horizon, we're taking DC and Marvel Comics' best parallel worlds from Convergence and Secret Wars and throwing them in an arena that dwarfs both Battleworld and The Dome--Namely, yours. 

As the tournament unfolds, will publish different match-ups There, we'll list each combatant's stats, strengths, and weaknesses. After you're all read-up, you'll can determine who advances to the next round via a poll. No pressure or anything. Every match-up is listed below. For the first round, we'll post two battles a day, where you'll have 24 hours to vote the lesser world off to wherever it is that dead universes go (we certainly don't want to find out).

New bracket (Click on the image for a larger version)

And just to raise the stakes, we'll be giving away a surprise prize to a winning bracket holder. The rules are simple: Just fill your bracket (above) and post it in the comments section. When the winner is determined in April, we'll pull the winning brackets and put them in a raffle. Whoever wins the raffle wins the prize. 

DC Comics Entrants
Kingdom Come Universe Vs. Futures End Universe--Vote Now!

90s/Zero Hour-Era Vs. Extremists (DC's Avengers Analogue)--Vote Now!

Pre-Crisis Earth S (Marvel Family) Vs. Red Rain (Vampire Universe)--Vote Now!

Crisis-Era Vs. Pre-Crisis Earth 4 (Charlton)--Vote Now!

Superman: Red Son Vs. Pre-Crisis Earth 3 (Crime Syndicate)--Vote Now!

Jack Kirby's Kamandi Universe Vs. The Tangent Universe--Vote Now!

Pre-Crisis Earth 2 (JSA, Infinity Inc.) Vs. Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes--Vote Now!

Pre-Flashpoint DCU (2000s) Vs. Flashpoint Universe--Vote Now!

Marvel Comics Entrants

Domain of Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse) Vs King James' England (1602)--Vote Now!


Arachnia (Spider-Verse) Vs. Spider-Island (Spider-Island)--Vote Now!

New Xandar (The Infinity Gauntlet) Vs. The City (Korvac Saga)--Vote Now!

The Warzone (Civil War) Vs. Marville (Skottie-Verse – Marvel Kids)--Vote Now!

The Monarchy of M (House of M) Vs. Westchester (X-Men: The Animated Series)--Vote Now!

Marvel 2099 Vs. Attilan (The Inhumans)--Vote Now!

Arcadia (A-Force) Vs. The Deadlands (Marvel Zombies)--Vote Now!

Marvel 1610 (Ultimate U) Vs. Utopolis (Squadron Sinister)--Vote Now!

Have fun, and may the best (or most popular) universe win.