Community Trailer: Die Hard, Nick Kroll, Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase appears only briefly in a new trailer for Community's upcoming fourth season, which will likely fuel rumors that the showrunners are downplaying the exiting actor's role, in case they are picked up for a fifth season in which the iconic and controversial comedian would not play a role.

That's not the only takeaway, though; in a trailer structured like a trailer for the new Die Hard movie, a tagline declars "It's a good day to study hard," while Abed drops a "yippee ki-yay" on the audience and Nick Kroll returns to reprise his role as the jerky Geman foosball player, setting up yet another Die Hard joke.

Among other things, we also get our first glimpse at legendary actor Malcolm McDowell, who appears this season as a history professor who, apparently, is at some point taken hostage by Chang.

Check out the trailer below; the series comes back on Friday, October 19, 2012--which NBC moved to Thursday, February 7, 2013 for your convenience.