Conan Shares His Favorite Fantastic Four Clips

Everyone’s taking pot-shots at Fox’s new Fantastic Four film. Even Conan O’Brien.The famed [...]

Everyone's taking pot-shots at Fox's new Fantastic Four film. Even Conan O'Brien.

The famed funnyman put on his Doctor Doom mask during his latest Conan monologue to disscuss the Josh Trank-directed reboot, which earned the scorn of fans and critics everywhere while bombing at the box office. And while Conan confessed to not seeing the entire movie, he did share some that he had seen and, uh, "enjoyed." You'll see what we mean below.

So yeah, those clips were actually from Roger Corman's dismally-budgeted and produced Fantastic Four film from 1994. To Conan's credit, the scenes are actually quite hilarious—probably just not in the way that the director originally intended. And people can slam Trank's Fantastic Four all they want, but at least that movie wasn't so bad that Marvel actually blocked its theatrical release (as was the case with Corman's). But if you're in the need for a good laugh, in a Joel Schumacher Batman and Robin kind of way, you can watch all of Corman's Fantastic Four here.

Have you seen Josh Trank's new Fantastic Four? Think it's on-par with Corman's? Let us know in the comments!