Constantine Videos Introduce Zed Martin

NBC has released two new clips for the next episode of Constantine, “The Darkness Beneath.”

In the first clip, a promo entitled “As Tough As They Come,” the character Zed Martin is introduced. Zed, who has the same visions as John, can also create beasts and other supernatural creatures through her drawings.Though she seems troubled, the clip does not paint her as an outright villain.

The second clip, “Mutual Intentions,” shows the official first meeting between Jon and Zed after a brief cat-and-mouse skirmish. It seems the two share a knack for silver-tongued quips and one-upmanship. Whether Constantine can trust Zed or not remains to be seen.


“The Darkness Beneath,” which airs on Halloween, finds Constantine in a troubled mining town haunted by Welsh spirits. During his travels, he crosses paths with Zed. In the comics, Zed is a past lover of Constantine’s with psychic abilities. She first appeared in "Hellblazer #4."