Could Ben Affleck Direct A Better Batman Trilogy Than Christopher Nolan?

Ben Affleck & Christopher Nolan

In a previous article, we raised the issue of if Ben Affleck could be a better Batman than Christian Bale, based on comments Kevin Smith made in one of his podcasts, suggesting that Ben Affleck could overcome some issues in Bale’s performances. Now, we take it a step further and ask, “Can Ben Affleck direct a better Batman trilogy than Christopher Nolan?”

While all Warner Bros. officially announced was that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the Man Of Steel follow-up, it’s been widely reported that Affleck signed a multi-picture deal. Of course, one of those additional movies will likely be Justice League, but it’s also quite probable that some standalone Batman movies were included as options in the deal as well.

With his directing career red hot, one has to wonder why Ben Affleck would sign a multi-picture acting deal. When will he find time to direct? Well, there’s been lots of speculation that Affleck’s deal also included some directing jobs. Most speculation has pointed to the possibility of Affleck directing a Justice League, but we think that’s probably Zack Snyder’s job to lose. A Justice League movie is likely to be filled with massive destruction and incredible special effects, which Zack Snyder proved he is more than capable of with Man Of Steel.

If you look at the last three pictures that Ben Affleck directed, they were not special effects driven movies. Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo were all suspense-driven dramas. In fact, all three of them would probably have made for great Batman movies.

While Christopher Nolan created the best overall superhero trilogy to date, his trilogy was not without its issues. In particular, The Dark Knight Rises came under criticism for having several plot holes. A big reason why Affleck received critical acclaim for his last three movies is that they all featured a tightly-woven story that built to an exciting conclusion.


While Christopher Nolan set the bar exceptionally high when it comes to superhero movies, there is always the chance that Ben Affleck could craft a more suspenseful and exciting Batman movie. However, even if Affleck beats Nolan on plot, the other task he has is in casting. Nolan excelled in casting just the right actors and driving them to deliver some of the best performances of their career.

Does Ben Affleck have any hope of directing a better Batman trilogy than Christopher Nolan? What do you think?