Could We See Nemesis Prime In Transformers 5: The Last Knight

Earlier today, the first teaser trailer for the next installment of the Transformers franchise, [...]

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Earlier today, the first teaser trailer for the next installment of the Transformers franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight and within minutes, botfans voiced a theory that that wasn't exactly Optimus Prime featured in the teaser.

No. It could actually be Nemesis Prime, Optimus' clone that possesses similar strength and powers, but lacks any sort of morality.

Nemesis had been rumored since the last installment, Age of Extinction, but nothing came into fruition despite dozens of rumors and fan theories. This time around, longtime fans could get their wish. Of course precise details are kept under wrap so this is just speculation at this point, but with how things ended in Age of Extinction with Optimus headed into outer space to find their makers, so anything is possible of what he could encounter while facing the infinity.

Obviously the biggest tip off is the eye color change from Optimus' trademark blue to a sharp purple, which is more in tune with Decepticon aesthetics. Now, Nemesis does not have Optimus' red and blue color scheme, which is present, so it could be a possible corruption from within. The only other alternative would be under the influence of possible Unicron, but that would need more lead-in time.

The Last Knight hints at a few things. One being the Knights of Cybertron which were mentioned in Age of Extinction, but could Prime himself, or the villain of the story. If they were to do Nemesis, which route could they take?

In Generation 1, Nemesis hadn't evolved into a dark-mirrored Prime just yet, but was the new identity for Nova Prime, who can be traced all the way back to before the Great War. Nova was the Prime that preceded both Optimus and Sentinel, who was featured in Age of Extinction. Sentinel turned out was working with the Decepticons, so if they went this route, it seems a bit repetitive, but then again, it's Transformers.

Now if Prime goes to space and just happens to discover a dark dimension filled with evil versions of the Autobots, and most of the battle takes place there, that would be an interesting angle. Doing the full MECH origin of Nemesis Prime would be too convoluted and messy for a single feature film. They could do where Nemesis is the herald of Unicron and was created in Optimus' image for some reason, and then you can lead into Unicron being featured for later.

Of course, Nemesis could be forged by the US military itself after learning the proper schematics of how the Cybertronians function and the science behind life. That seems like the weakest angle, but with the trailer being just the eyes and heavy breathing, anything is possible at this point. Personally, I wouldn't mind them going the Straxus plan where Nemesis was just a nameless soldier who lost his identity to become the ultimate weapon against the Autobots. There's something human about that angle.

What do you readers think? Is that Nemesis in the trailer, or is it a sign of bigger things to come for the world of the Transformers franchise? Let us know in the comments below.