Danai Gurira Says The Walking Dead Is The New Family Ties


While going to events for AMC's The Walking Dead, Danai Gurira (portrays Michonne) has been told by fans that the show has become a "Sunday night ritual" for families. She believes it is bringing families together like the popular sitcom Family Ties did in the '80s.

“‘The Walking Dead is like the new Family Ties, OK? It’s tying families together,” Gurira told the Associated Press. “The thing that’s touched me the most is when I’ve met mothers of adolescent sons who say, ‘This is how me and my son bond. It’s because we both watch the show.’ And you know those adolescent years are tricky years for parents and I was just so touched by that. I thought it was so beautiful that this show is functioning in that way.”

Last night, Gurira repeated this talking point on Conan. Watch in the video below.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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