Dante's Inferno Set to Blaze the Comic Book World

Proving his timelessness in yet more mediums, Italian poet Dante Alighieri is set to have his vision of the afterlife once again interpreted for a modern audience. DC Comics is launching a project based on an upcoming video game version of Inferno, the first, and most well-known segment, of Dante's masterpiece The Divine Comedy. The video game, produced by Visceral Games and EA, is promising to be a modern, contemporary update of the story of the poet's journey through the nine varying levels of Inferno, where sinners are punished endlessly for their wrongs on earth. The comic book, by writer/artist Christos Gage and artist Diego Lattore, is planned for a release late in 2009, a few months before the 2010 planned release of the video game. Since this is the week of Comic-Con however, there will be a special preview of the game at the EA booth! Stop by and check out this promised epic if you're there!!