Daredevil, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, & Supergirl In Top 10 Best Reviewed New 2015 Shows On Rotten Tomatoes


Fanboy-favorite Daredevil and a couple of other genre shows who had ComicBook.com fans a little more divided -- Ash vs. Evil Dead and Supergirl -- are among the best-reviewed new shows of 2015 on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Daredevil and Ash both garnered 98% positive reviews from professional critics, while Supergirl got 97%. They appear on a list that also includes Better Call Saul, Master of None, Catastrophe, Deutschland 83, Mr. Robot, UnReal and Wolf Hall.

Daredevil and Supergirl appear as #1 and #13 respectively on the ComicBook.com composite rankings from our own reviewers and readers. Ash Vs. Evil Dead hasn't been rated by enough users to get it on our boards yet, so if you like the show (or not, I suppose), give it a rating below.

Rotten Tomatoes, it should be noted, corrals available reviews and breaks them down into positive and negative, then gives movies and TV shows percentages based on their positive or negative reviews. This means that a 98% rating doesn't necessarily mean it's "98% perfect," but that 98% of people enjoyed it rather than didn't. This is often a cause for confusion, especially when a movie is granted a particularly high or particularly low Tomatometer rating and those who disagree can't understand why they disagree so vehemently with the number.