Daredevil Footage From New York Comic Con: Detailed Description

Here we are at one of the most anticipated panels of the weekend, Marvel & Netflix's Daredevil [...]

Here we are at one of the most anticipated panels of the weekend, Marvel & Netflix's Daredevil panel! We're greeted by Marvel's Head of TV, Jeph Loeb who takes the stage to thunderous applause.

"There are a lot of firsts happening this year and we consider New York Comic Con and NYC our home. You know so many of our stories take place here and for you to be here with us to share this news is amazing," mentions Loeb.

After the usual thanks to the cast, crew and company, Jeph sets the scene up as let's the crowd know what they're in for.

And here's what they were in for:

The footage kicks off with Karen page alone in her apartment on a dark rainy night. She's walking through the apartment trying to find a hidden knife, she finds it in a vent.

Unfortunately, she has an intruder in her apartment who quickly disarms her. As soon as he does so daredevil shows up. Daredevil is wearing what seemingly looks like an all black suit with a fabric rapped around his head, covering his eyes - sort of like iron fist.

The two tussle, and end up both jumping out if a window and landing pretty badly on the concrete. The sound focuses in on the knife blade clanging on the floor and the rain hitting the pavement. End scene.

But that's not all! We were treated to another clip featuring Rosario Dawson as Night Nurse, tending to Daredevil.

It begins with Daredevil on the couch, realizing his mask has been removed. Night Nurse is sitting right next to te couch and outlines all of his possible injuries. Broken ribs, cuts, the works.

Matt is naturally freaked out at his identity being exposed but remains incredibly calm and cagey.

The two exchange sharp witty banter and we learn just a tiny bit about Night Nurse. There's a great line by Matt where he says "most people who find a costumed bleeding guy in their garbage call the cops, why didn't you?"

They chat a bit more as the scene fades to black.

You would think that's all we get, but nope! One more featuring Vanessa and the Kingpin!

We open on Vanessa walking around an art gallery who turns a corner and sees the Kingpin standing in a black suit, in front of an all white canvas.

"It's an old children's joke, you hold up a white piece of paper and ask 'What's this?' A rabbit in a snowstorm. Are you interested or just looking?" Vanessa asks.

"Interested," Fisk answers slowly as we get a look at his face.

Vanessa continues on about people always asking about why such a value is placed on such a piece of art, but that none of it matters. "All that matters is how it makes you feel. How does it make you feel," she asks Fisk.

"It makes me feel alone"



Matt and a Foggy are having breakfast in their new office, which is absolutely empty.

Karen brings over some food that she mentions is her grandmothers recipe and intended for her husband.

"If it weren't for you I'd still be in that cell," mentions Karen.

Matt retorts with "we're just glad you're okay. All that matters is you told the truth."

"But you listened."

Foggy chimes in with "Don't worry, we're still going to bill you."

Karen notices that the office could use some help being set up, she says she'd work for free and is hired on the spot.


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