Daredevil Season 2: Jon Bernthal Says The Punisher's Superpower Is His Rage


At the Netflix TCA event Sunday, Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung met the press openly for the first time for their roles in Daredevil season two. Bernthal talked enthusiastically about Frank Castle, and what he's learned about the character so far.

"If I got one thing from the comics, as far as superpowers? [The Punisher's] superpower is his rage," Bernthal said he learned from his reading research. "His superpower is that he is not gonna quit, and he's having to go forward no matter what. That's as human and grounded a quality as, I think, this genre can have."

Bernthal praised the world created in season one, calling it "authentic and gritty," making it the perfect place to "reintroduce this character."


Daredevil season two, featuring The Punisher and Elektra, premieres March 18, 2016 on Netflix.