Dark Horse Reveals Cover For Mignola And Stewart's Hellboy In Hell Volume 2

(Photo: Dark Horse)

The end is near for Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart's latest Hellboy adventure, Hellboy In Hell, with the final issue releasing on June 1st.

The story follows a dead Hellboy as he makes the journey through hell towards the world tree, all while dealing with an illness and getting hit with murder accusations from his sister. Even in Hell, he can't seem to catch a break, and it might result in even more destruction.

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(Photo: Dark Horse)

In honor of the final issue, Dark Horse has revealed the cover to the second trade paperback, Hellboy In Hell Volume 2, which will hit store shelves on October 5th. The cover itself is very clean and uncluttered, and just has a solo shot of Hellboy with the death card. It wasn't always that way, though.

"Doing the cover to this collection was tough and of course, I overthought the hell out of it," said Mignola. "It's the end of the series and so much happens. How do I get that onto a cover? In the end, after doing two self-rejected covers, I decided to just illustrate the title of the book. THE DEATH CARD. There is also a fairly subtle nod to the climax of the book in there, but mostly it's illustrating the title while trying to do a composition very similar to the cover of the first collection. Since the two books do make one story, I really wanted to design the book covers so they would work well side by side."


Sometimes simpler is better.