Dark Knight Rises Shooting Victim Does Gun Control PSA

Both advocates of gun control laws and many people who are undecided on the divisive issue tend to be chilled somewhat by abstract facts and figures that tend to end with "...and until he pulled the trigger, he had not broken any law in this state." It's an effective rhetorical tool even if sometimes disingenuous (when mass shooters commit their crimes, for example, they're usually behaving in a disorderly fashion and effectively trespassing by breaking the rules of where they are, say gun rights activists).

That was one of the common threads running through blog posts and coverage of the Aurora shootings in July, of which Stephen Barton was a survivor. Shot in the face and neck, Barton is now an activist for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, who are encouraging voters to "demand a plan" to reduce gun violence in the U.S. from the President and his Republican opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

In the ad, Barton cites statistics that "enough to fill over 200 theaters" will die during the next four-year Presidential term.

You can see the ad below.