Dark Mewtwo Comes to Pokken Tournament


A never before seen form of Mewtwo has appeared in Pokken Tournament. A new "Dark Mewtwo" form appeared in the Japanese arcade game with a new software update, which went live on October 30th. Dark Mewtwo is a secret character that can only be unlocked in single player mode after losing a two out of three matches.

While a regular Mewtwo has a white and purple color scheme, Dark Mewtwo has dark grey skin with a glowing crystal erupting out of one shoulder. Before the battle starts, Dark Mewtwo mega-evolves into a modified Mega Mewtwo X form. You can only fight Dark Mewtwo on a special crystalline battle field that looks like it exists in a separate dimension. Check out the video below to see Dark Mewtwo in action.

Mewtwo was one of the first legendary Pokemon to appear in the Pokemon franchise and existed as a final boss of sorts in Pokemon Red/Blue, which could only be captured after the player beat the Elite Four and entered the Hall of Fame. He remains a popular Pokemon to this day and is one of two Pokemon (along with Charizard) to have two different Mega Evolutions.

Since Dark Mewtwo was only just revealed, we still don't know if the character will tie into a future Pokemon game (like the rumored Pokemon Z) or if he's exclusive to Pokken Tournament. We also don't know whether he'll be a playable character in Pokken Tournament or just a secret NPC character similar to Reptile in the original Mortal Kombat.


Pokken Tournament comes to America for the Wii U in early 2016, so expect to hear more news on this "Dark Mewtwo" in the near future.