David Aja Shows Off What Could Have Been For Suicide Squad Covers


Sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it pertains to knowing what could have been when it comes to certain comic titles. Such is the case with David Aja as cover artist for New 52 Suicide Squad because these are pure beauty. 

Earlier today, the Hawkeye artist showed off some concepts for some covers for the book before it debuted under the New 52 banner. Sadly, none of them were taken, expect the logo actually stayed. Aja talks briefly about the experience. 

"Funny anecdote: Back in the day, when New 52 was gonna be out, I was asked to be the Suicide Squad cover artist," he tweets. "I did some sketches but, because of reasons, I finally left the gig. But DC liked the logo-sketch and bought it to me. Weirdest thing for me was that, finally, they left that fast sketch as final one. This one End of anecdote."

Below you can see the WIP shots of said covers and they are gorgeous. 


Aja stated "for reasons" so you can leave that to your own assumptions, but do you think DC dropped the ball here or were they better off with going on their direction?