DC Comics Announces Villains Omnibus

DC Entertainment announced today that they will release a massive, hardcover omnibus collecting [...]


DC Entertainment announced today that they will release a massive, hardcover omnibus collecting all of their September 2013 "Villains Month" titles in time for Christmas, as they've done with The New 52 Omnibus and The New 52 Zero Omnibus each of the last two years. The New 52 Villains Omnibus has actually been available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a while now--Amazon has the cover art and a bit more information, while Barnes & Noble has it for slightly cheaper. A companion piece of archival material will also be released in September when Necessary Evil: The Villains of the DC Universe hits stores, although that volume isn't a big, impressive hardcover but instead will only run you about $15 online or $20 at your local comic shop. "When we launched the New 52 in September of 2011, we decided to do something different and daring each September to draw attention to our line and really focus on what our goals are for the year," DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio recently told Buzzfeed. "What we did back in 2011 was relaunch our entire line. In 2012, we went back and looked at all our heroes with Zero Month and told some early stories and origins. This September we wanted to try something a little different and really explore our villain base, and show the challenges our heroes face with every story and every issue, because of the strength of the characters taking over their books in that month." "September has always been a big month for us and we look for an opportunity every year in September to do something big that really redefines the line and invites anyone who hasn't been following comics to step right in," said DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and Superman Unchained artist Jim Lee. "We launched the New 52 with all-new continuity and new costumes, Zero Month was all about origins of our heroes, and now the villains are taking over. One of the strengths of the DC Universe has been the strength of the rogues gallery. Often times they're as famous – if not more infamous – than our heroes."