DC Comics Exclusive Preview: Grifter #0

Grifter #0

Check out Comicbook.com’s exclusive preview of Grifter #0 from DC Comics. Above is the cover, and we’ve got the first five pages of the issue below, including a two page spread.

“Deprogrammed” is the story title for Grifter #0. In this issue, readers will learn the dark truth behind Grifter’s powers. Plus, there is more on the Daemonite threat, new characters are introduced, and tons of bullets fly.

Grifter #0 is plotted by Rob Liefeld with script by Rob Liefeld and Frank Tieri. Interior art is by Scott Clark and Dave Beaty. The cover is by Rob Liefeld. Grifter #0 is 32 full color pages and is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Grifter #0 Page 1

Grifter #0 Page 2 & 3

Grifter #0 Page 4

Grifter #0 Page 5