DC Comics Moving to Burbank in 2015

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DC Comics will join its DC Entertainment parent company in Burbank, California, leaving the iconic corporate headquarters at 1700 Broadway in Manhattan where they've resided for decades. The news came in an e-mail from DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, who sent an e-mail to staffers which was then forwarded to the press by DC's PR team. The move will bring the publishing and digital comics operations, both of which had remained in New York even with the film, TV and much of the corporate staff like DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns moving west. "Brand strength comes from a strength of continuity as to what that brand stands for," Nelson told me in a 2009 interview, shortly after she was named to her position and DC Entertainment officially founded. "It's premature for me to make any judgments about whether the resources within editorial can benefit from being more integrated." You can check out her e-mail to staffers below. Dear DCE Team, As I hope you know, I and the entire DCE exec team work hard to offer transparency about as much of our business plans and results as we possibly and responsibly can.  In an effort to continue to do that where possible and to ensure you are hearing news from us, rather than a third party, I am proactively reaching out to you this afternoon to share news about our business. I can confirm that plans are in the works to centralize DCE's operations in 2015.  Next week, the Exec Team will be in New York for a series of meetings to walk everyone through the plans to relocate the New York operations to Burbank.  The move is not imminent and we will have more than a year to work with the entire company on a smooth transition for all of us, personally and professionally. Everyone on the New York staff will be offered an opportunity to join their Burbank colleagues and those details will be shared with you individually, comprehensively and thoughtfully next week.  Meeting notifications will be sent tomorrow to ensure the roll out of this information and how it affects the company and you personally. We know this will be a big change for people and we will work diligently to make this as smooth and seamless a transition as possible. Best, Diane