Deadpool Among the Most-Googled Halloween Costumes

While it's arguably no surprise to see characters like Batman, Catwoman and Wolverine among the most-Googled Halloween costumes in the United States, SumoCoupon (via The Huffington Post) surprised us a bit with the infographic above which, as you can see, indicates that Deadpool is the most-searched costume in the state of Florida.


Obviously, the character has a vocal and fervent following among comic book fans, but his appeal has always seemed somewhat insular, particularly since much of his appeal is in the "meta" approach to the character taken by many writers.

That said, it's a character with a solid design, a cool gimmick and a movie coming up...maybe we shouldn't be so surprised.

Of course, just being the most-Googled doesn't mean it's the most common -- that stuff doesn't always translate to the real world -- but we're hoping it does. After all, who doesn't want to see the Deadpool Corps represent in Tampa tonight?