Deadpool Cast Comments On Creator Rob Liefeld's Set Visit

Since the Deadpool movie was first announced, there’s been no shortage of exciting Deadpool news. Given the reaction to all the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con, it's clear that fans have craved a live action version of the Merc with a Mouth more than a Chimichanga. But really, Deadpool’s rise was a phenomenon just waiting to strike. One of the best surprises in the footage shown to fans at the show was an appearance by Deadpool’s daddy, Rob Liefeld.

Over the course of the last few days at San Diego Comic Con had the chance to catch up with the cast of Deadpool and ask them what it was like to have Rob on set and what it meant to them.


Ryan Reynolds: Oh god it was so great. I think it’s really important to take off your hat to the people that made this possible and Rob’s at the top of that list.

TJ Miller: It’s so crazy to think that a character as deranged and crazy as Deadpool came from a guy as nice as Rob. The dude beams excitement and is always smiling! It’s really quite the opposite of the character at times. I kind of feel like he has a dark secret or something, right?


Reynolds: Oh yeah - his entire living room has to be made of skin.


Tim Miller: Rob is such a great guy and so much fun to be around. I've known him for a while but it's one of those things where you can't keep him on screen for too long. It becomes too dangerous for everyone involved [Chuckles]

Ed Skrein: The dude is a legend, man! I read a TON of his books when I was a kid and so to see the man in person and to actually be a part of something he helped create is magical.

Gina Carano: It was awesome! I’m super close with Rob and he’s the reason again, I’m at San Diego Comic Con. The only other time I was here was when we were trying to get Avengelyne off the ground and held a huge signing for fans. His enthusiasm is infectious. To have him on set was such a treat for everyone involved.


Stay tuned to for more of our chat with Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool cast over the next few days as we recover from San Diego Comic Con.


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