Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Says Movie Is A Powerhouse


Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld is convinced that people are going to love the Deadpool movie.

Shocking, we know.

Liefeld, in a new interview, suggested that the film will change the way comic book movies are made and viewed, and said that he can't comprehend how a chunk of the audience could NOT fall in love with it.

“When I read the script in 2010, my mouth was on the floor, it was the R-rated spectacle you’re going to see in February.” Liefeld told USA Today. “And for it to go this long without them screwing with the script is a miracle. It’s a credit to [screen writers] Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s genius.”


He added, “The movie is a powerhouse. It’s raw … I don’t know how you come out of the theater as someone between the age of 18-30 without this being your favorite movie.”

We'll find out of the moviegoing public shares his enthusiasm soon: Deadpool is due in theaters in February.