Deadpool Movie IMAX Trailer Details Revealed - Chimichanga!


In front of IMAX showings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a new teaser for Deadpool is showing, although it's not showing much.

The teaser, which has yet to be released online, is demonstrated to show the added benefit of the larger IMAX screen. It starts with Deadpool, sitting on a couch, holding a chimichanga.

"This is your brain," he says. "Well, actually, this is a chimichanga," but hey, jokes are better when they're explained, right Wade (and yes we realize the irony of that comment in this particular post).

Then, zooming out, instead of a coffee table, there's a giant chimichanga.


"This is your brain on IMAX," Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) says. He then does his "Cue the music" line, and we see about a fifteen second TV Spot-style trailer, which features no new footage outside of the original trailer - it's just on a much bigger screen.

The trailer ends, telling fans to see Deadpool in IMAX starting February 12, 2016. Full new trailer comes on Christmas day, December 25, 2015, though.