Deadpool Movie Twitter Issues Statement On Deadpool Emoji Servers Crash

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

You people really wanted some Deadpool emoji didn't you? When they were released earlier Monday, fans immediately rushed to download them... and promptly crashed the servers.

The official Deadpool movie twitter account moved to address this immediately, letting fans know that they're on top of things. Their response was a little unconventional for a "customer service" address, though.

"Y'all bumrushed the Deadpool emoji servers," they said, which sounds normal at first. "Our surly IT professionals are on it, ask you to please standby and to kindly go f yourself."

Yes, that's a customer service tweet, telling fans to go f themselves. And it's glorious. This is the Deadpool movie - and I guess the Deadpool movie twitter account - that we deserve, people. Congratu-effin-lations.


Ryan Reynolds, for his part, is playing the role of offended fanboy, hitting back at the movie account.

That's your Deadpool. The emoji should be downloadable again soon, and the movie is out February 12, 2016.